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Swing Trade with Options: SPCE (Virgin Galactic Holdings).

One of the main concepts that Ken keeps on hammering into his students minds, is to look for critical states. These are the places where an abnormal move can happen in a relative short time frame, thus enable us to trade frame with a favorable Risk/Reword ratio.

Using the KL-Bundle I found on Jun 29th a critical state in SPCE, as it was in a SQC (Sideways Quite Channel), had a Z3 Pinch and a SP (Super-pinch).

The beauty of using options in the consolidation phase is that the volatility is down, thus we can buy a relatively cheap options.

In the following video I will show you the following advantages of trading with options:

  1. Having a hard stop and better capital efficiency.

  2. Having more choices for trade framing.

  3. The ability to recover from moves against you.

  4. Having less stress and better psychological management.

  5. Ability to bank profits as the trade goes in my favor.

  6. Ability to use the Core & Turbo technique.

  7. Managing my risk in a professional way and positioned for moves in both directions.

1 Symbol, 3 weeks, more than 6R PS (position sizing) profit.

Enjoy !!!

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