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    Trading Options Introduction Course


Matthew Richardson, PhD , USA

"Mr. Ben Yair's excellent video options course both provides a strong foundation in the functioning of options and ties the foundation to actual trade execution. In this way, the course ably shows how to day trade and swing trade options through Ken Long's Regression Line Fractal Framework. I was thrilled to learn of new ways to manage risk day by day as a swing trade works in your favor, both avoiding the harm that opening gaps can create and progressively locking in gains along the way. At the same time, trading in this way requires only a fraction of the capital necessary to execute compared to buying or selling shares outright, freeing up capital for other purposes. This course is required viewing for anyone interested in learning more about options and in strengthening their trading through better risk management and more efficient deployment of capital."

Jürgen Flach, Germany

As a newcomer to the arena, my objective was that the "Options Trading Introduction Course" would give me the basic information I needed to get started with Options. From my point of view, the course is very well structured, has a well thought-out sequence and increases in difficulty over the individual lessons, which was helpful to me as a beginner.

The individual lessons deal briefly and concisely with the goals defined for the lesson and present them in theory and with examples. In order to loosen up the rather dry topic of options, the course includes various intermediate sequences that keep fun and motivation high while working through the course.

Beside the absorbed foundational knowledge about options and basic option strategies, an important insight for me was how options can be used in connection with stock trading in order to minimize the risks of individual trades with low capital investment while retaining the opportunities.

For me, the course was a great introduction to the topic, which I can now build upon. If you want to get to grips with options, you will find a course that is ideally suited to achieve this.

KH, Trader

I learned so much from Dani's Options Course that gave me a solid understanding of options and how to apply options strategies within Ken's RLFF context of interpreting price movements, the combination is powerful. The case studies brought it all together for me, Dani's walkthrough of managing the trade is masterful, I learned what option strategies to use, how and when to apply them to minimize risk, and what to do when the price movement approaches a critical state. This is an excellent course and highly recommended.

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