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Deja Vu - SPCE

If you are following Ken's coaching, you probably heard the terms : Lather-Rinse-Repeat , many times before. This "Shampoo Algorithm" means that you can follow the simple instructions, and repeat the same steps in an endless loop.

On my post from July, I showed you how I trade-framed SPCE using options, starting from harsh winter, MPRC, and a Z3 pinch. You can watch that again in the following link:

On September 22nd, I saw the same pattern developing, so I entered a long position by buying 10 Calls 15 for 3 weeks (BE at 17).

4 days later, as SPCE exploded over 20%, I could lock-in 0.75R profit (buying put20 for 1.5, thus having a minimum payback of 5$ on a total of 3.5$ premium), while giving SPCE the chance to continue its breakout, thus letting my profits run (another 1K or 0.5R for every point over 20, until Oct 16th).


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